Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sparknotes May Help

I've hit the Jackpot. I've just located the Sparknotes for my new book that hasn't been published yet. I've worked for three years on Coming Home, the story of the return of the Jews to Jerusalem to build their temple. It's been a real struggle, but no more. I can now tell my story using any of three outlines.

God stirs up a Persian king.
The king commissions a Jewish leader to accomplish a task.
The leader overcomes opposition and succeeds.
Success is followed by a great celebration.
Rebuilding the temple.
Ezra's mission.
Nehemiah's help.
God uses foreign rulers to help the Jews.
The Jews face opposition from foreign neighbors.
The Jews separate from their foreign wives to preserve the purity of their seed.

It all sounds so easy.

Insightfully yours,

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