Friday, September 16, 2011

On Insecure Days I Write in Pencil

It logically follows then, that on secure days, I write in ink. Some things are always in ink: my gorcery lists, notes to myself, editing of my own manuscripts. I'm trying to learn to edit other peoples' manuscripts in ink primarily so they can see what I write. Actually, I always critique my students' manuscripts in ink, usually colored, usually red. My adult writer's critique group is another matter (see above)
I mark my calendar in both ink and pencil. Pencil shows tentative plans. Ink means firm plans, and red ink shows doctor appointments and students' schedules.
I write formal notes or letters to people in pencil on scratch paper and then copy them in ink on the cards, but I write short Christmas notes in ink.
I'm writing this in pencil before putting it on my blog. Am I normal? I think so, but should I declare it in pencil or ink?
Insightfully yours,