Monday, September 27, 2010


Each morning when we release our cat from her nighttime captivity in the house, she wants to prowl her yard, check out the exotic smells left on the bushes, the illusive humming birds at the feeder, and the whole plethera of insects flying just above the lawn. But soon she comes to find me. She knows I always talk to her, pet her soft fur, and fill her dish with food. She knows I'm her master.

The Bible says each animal knows his master but we, who were created by God, do not know our Master. Interesting, even fascinating - we who have higher intelligence do not recognize who holds our lives in His hands.

Animals, of course, live by instinct. And I guess up until a certain age we humans do too. But when we realize we have been given free will by our Creator, we so often choose to leave Him out of the picture. Romans, chapter one, says that the first step of error on our part is not recognizing Him as God - authority, majesty, omnipotent - Master.
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