Monday, August 23, 2010

His Grace is Enough

Have you ever listed the hardships of the Apostle Paul? There is a long list, far longer and more severe than any I might complain about. Let's see, there is

hard work (later he says labored and toiled)
frequently been in prison (I've never been)
flogged (I don't know what this is but I think my mother threatened it)
exposed to death again and again (not me)
5 times received 40 lashes minus one
3 times beaten with rods
once stoned (with thrown stones, that is)
3 times shipwrecked (I'd find another mode of transportation)
a day and a night in the open sea (on a raft or plank?)
constantly on the move (I hate that)
danger from rivers
danger from bandits
danger from his own countrymen
danger from Gentiles (prejudice in his time)
danger in the city
danger in the country
danger at sea
danger from false brethren
hunger and thirst, going without food
cold and naked
stress-concern for his work among the churches

My conclusion: I am a pansy. My small complaints, though seemingly all consuming to me, are as nothing compared to what I read here. I sing with the rest of the congregation, "His grace is enough, His grace is enough, His grace is enough for me." Do I believe it?
Insightfully yours,

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