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THE BIBLE REPORTER, Monday, April 20, AD 29

Discovery of Open Tomb Made by 3 Women

The following is the first interview of the women who found that Jesus' tomb had been opened.

Q. How did you happen to make this discovery?
A. At dawn, yesterday, we were bringing spices to anoint Jesus' body. We wondered who would roll the stone away from the tomb. Suddenly we felt an earthquake. When we looked up, we saw an angel. He had rolled the stone back and was sitting on it.
Q. Where were the guards?
A. They fainted when they saw the angel. We were frightened, too.
Q. Did the angel speak to you?
A. Yes, he told us not to be afraid. He said he knew we were looking for Jesus who was crucified. He told us Jesus wasn't there. He had risen! He even invited us to see for ourselves.
Q. You mean you went inside the tomb?
A. Yes, and Jesus wasn't there! We saw two angels standing where he had been laid.
Q. What do you think happened to Jesus' body?
A. The angels reminded us that Jesus had said, "The Son of Man must be handed over to his enemies. He will die on a cross, but on the third day, he will rise from the dead." Yesterday was the third day.
Q. So, do you believe that's what happened?
A. Yes, we do.

Guards Tell a Different Story

Two of the guards who were on duty guarding Jesus' tomb as ordered by Pilate, deny that Jesus rose from the dead. "No one has ever risen from the dead!" they said. "Jesus' disciples came and stole his body while we were sleeping." So far no action has been taken against the guards.

Strong Earthquake Felt

A strong earthquake was felt in and around Jerusalem on the day Jesus of Nazareth died on the cross. Many reports continue to tell of damage to tombs in the area. One aftershock was reported yesterday, the same day the women found Jesus' tomb open.

Vandalism to Temple Curtain

Jewish rulers have offered a reward to anyone who can explain how the temple curtain dividing the Holy Place from the Holy of Holies was torn. The rip looked as if it started at the top and tore downwards. The apparent vandalism happened at the same time Jesus Christ died on the cross.

Disciples Believe Report Made by Women from their Group

"We thought they were just talking foolishness when they said they saw angels," Peter, one of Jesus' disciples, said. "But when Mary told us, 'They have taken the Lord out of the tomb and we don't know where they have put him,' John and I ran to see for ourselves. We found the tomb empty!"

Burial Cloths Still in Tomb

John, a disciple of Jesus, said he saw the strips of linen that had been around Jesus' body. He and Peter, another disciple, inspected the tomb yesterday. Peter noted that the burial cloth that went around Jesus' head lay in a separate spot. The cloth, he claims, was folded.

Woman Claims Risen Jesus Spoke Her Name

Mary Magdalene said Jesus spoke to her as she looked into his tomb. "He was behind me and asked why I was crying. I thought he was the gardener, and had taken Jesus' body away. Then he spoke my name, 'Mary.' I turned around and I knew it was Jesus."

More Jesus Sightings

Two followers of Jesus, on their way to the village of Emmaus, said Jesus joined them as they walked. They said he explained how the writings of Moses and the prophets pointed to him. These men seemed sure this "Jesus" was the same Jesus whose ministry they had followed for three years.

Ten men who were Jesus' disciples said they were in a locked room when suddenly Jesus appeared. "He showed us the scars on his hands and feet," one of them said. Another added, "He shared our dinner." Still another claimed, "We touched him!" These men had been in hiding since their Master's crucifixion. They appeared to be telling the truth. Nothing could have changed them so much - unless Jesus really did rise from the dead. Jesus must be alive!

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