Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Another New Part

This isn't really a new post in the real definition of a "New Post." This is just an explanation of where I have been and what I've been up to. I have another NEW KNEE. That makes two. No more!

This one (I say) was easier than the last because I had a spinal and was put to sleep but I didn't have a general anesthetic. This time I woke up feeling good. Last time I slept for three days +. Last time my whole body was sick. This time it was only a knee. This time I'm way ahead on my recovery and my therapist is happy. Last time I flunked therapy.

So even though I told my therapist to take it easy - I didn't want to be his poster child, I think I may have changed my mind. I really am motivated to see what this old bod can do with new knees.

Insightfully yours,

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